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    Visual intercom doorbell is introduced

    In the progress of science and technology and people to the service demand of mobile communication practice, pushed by the building access control intercom system is applied to the village.So intelligent entrance guard is how to implement the security integration?Look at this article!

    Alarm and event information management

    Based on entrance guard system consisting of a comprehensive security integration system mainly includes the front controller and management platform of two parts.

    This is based on entrance guard system to do way of integration is the main function of the overall system service towards entrance guard and gateway management."When the event occurs, it must be the first alarm front end system for target detection, after the alarm information transmission back to management center, but by calling on-site real-time video image view. But, in a series of reactions, alarm system is an early warning mechanism, and view the video system review, only the entrance guard system can truly realize the control of the situation.

    , of course, once has the event occurs, the system of all alarm events (access control, alarm, patrolling, etc.) are linked to TV monitoring and control system of hard disk video recording system and the corresponding response matrix controller.For example when a door is illegal in entrance guard system open, integrated system matrix controller will control the TV monitoring system will be the door to switch to the corresponding camera image displays the home screen and television monitoring system integration system of management platform, video at the same time to start the hard disk video recorder, if the camera haeundae, can also on the management platform control yuntai rotation to the configured presets.

    At the same time, the system also has the function of alarm events trigger execution script, which according to the needs of the users will alarm events associated with control of DVR, such as an alarm events at the beginning of the trigger DVR start video, the implementation of DVR remote control procedures, can also query retrieval of video information as required.

    In addition, you can look up by alarm event record of entrance guard system at that time the scene video, matrix of system control module can choose to directly control the camera decoder, and usually has a built-in PELCO, PHILIPS, PANASONIC and other matrix control protocol of the controller, the control system for the other brand matrix.

    Integration with other software

    For security systems integration, not only is to realize the integration between the hardware, and other software (such as fire alarm, building automation systems, information release, elevator control, consumption, daily management, etc.) for integration, it can be integrated agreement openness depends on a variety of hardware equipment, namely whether these hardware devices provides interfaces and protocols.

    Only hardware provides a unified interface (SDK or API functions), the software can be through the interface to the hardware unified management and control, and master the working state of the hardware.Of course, the software should also provide mechanism of strategies and plans.Software integration of the system should also support hierarchical management, such as software integration of rail transit system, including operation management center of software integration level of software integration and station.

    Different hardware interfaces, however, this requires that we should be the software modular, each hardware we use a module to manage it.Because of different projects, the use of the front-end equipment is not exactly the same.Can't pick up a project, supporting or purchase a set of software development.Like WINDOWS platform software is an operating system, no matter what is your PC hardware configuration, can install and use it, because of the different hardware, for WINDOWS are corresponding driver.In a fitting, just to install the corresponding driver.So, security integration software will gradually achieve 'platform', 'module.

    Provide the interface to the hardware should be able to provide a state visit, equipment operation, system configuration, and other functions, through the TCP/IP protocol will be a variety of hardware unified management and realize the function of the hardware system integration in order to achieve.However, the security market in China, with many manufacturers in order to ensure their market share and don't want to open their products in the agreement, so the compatibility between each brand products is poor, but it's still relatively low level of integration.

    Understanding of end-user requirements

    In addition to understand the key technology of integration, integration and engineering contractor need to really understand the needs of end users.

    Because blindly pursuing the current many end user integration functions and more complete, but the lack of the understanding of system integration, often a waste of system function.

    For example, many developers building focus too much on the appearance of the system and price, often only pay attention to local effect, does not consider the whole system is reasonable, can be said to be often overlooked technology for economic interests.In addition, some developers believe that there is a brand is a good project, some users don't combined with their actual demand, the blind pursuit of system function of powerful and complex, think that the larger the system, the better.And, in fact, this integrated system in use process often because either impractical, or not to use, or be put aside because of the function is too complex.

    So, for the end user, when doing system planning, first of all should be aware of their actual demand and system integration, to achieve the effect of what it is.For example, need what subsystem integration in the project?If the entrance guard system, after the integration to achieve what kind of degree, how to with other system, alarm system, entrance guard system linkage, etc., all need to communicate with engineering contractor or integrators, lest their own needs and the effect after integration skewed.

    In addition, according to the personage inside course of study, the current security integration market demand in China is experiencing turmoil period.Because many systems integrator is by engineering contractor or network operator transformation, therefore, all the technical level of the integrator is uneven, system integration, most of the contractor does not have its own technical strength, the system of overall planning and potential function mining is not enough, system optimization, can not be limited to the installation and debugging;And integrators in order to expand their business, some unreasonable fully meet customer requirements, make "system integration" was seriously distorted or misunderstood.

    So, whether security vendors, systems integrators, or relating to the system integration project engineering business, need to continuously strengthen their understanding and awareness of system integration, improve the technical level of integration, in order to choose a more suitable platform for the customer, meet customer expectations.


    With the increase of security requirements, security systems are also gradually developed, the definition of a single entrance guard and alarm has gone far can't satisfy the needs of modern safety management and control, China central television (CCTV), petrol, parking management, consumption, attendance, elevator subsystems such as join makes the security system gradually improve.Increased subsystem, but also means the increase of the platform, at the same time, the complexity of management will increase, and will likely weaken the ability of security systems.Therefore, only the system is reasonable and scientific integrated into a unified platform is the best way to solve this problem.

    As stated earlier, access control and alarm is already a mature system, usually in the basis of all integrated access control and alarm integrated management platform based on the development, all can be used for petrol, parking attendance record of the same card read equipment acquisition data, which can realize the unification of the data.Because of the sensitivity of money and consumption system, usually with a database alone.

    , of course, China central television (CCTV) system is a mature system, because of its data and other system differences and different to the requirement of management platform, and its integration is usually on the linkage of integration, this not only ensure the independence of the system, and ensure the whole security system are interrelated, thus more fully exert the function of each subsystem.

    Summary of the communication

    Landing-answer namely calls role in the building construction of a device, also known as visual doorbell.Popular said, building intercom doorbell system is refers to your place, we often say the building intercom, visual doorbell, video intercom, the intercom doorbell wait for a few words, will have the same meaning, which refers to a set of visitors intercom system (a set of including software, hardware, and after-sales service of the humanized management guest operating system).

    The name of the building intercom

    Building intercom, also known as visual doorbell, or visible interphone, English name is Video Phone or Video feel feel Bell.

    Choose the main attention to aspects of the communication

    Landing-answer host

    1, the system capacity

    Residential area in our country's small size has hundreds of households, is swallowed, give priority to with buildings and, in the population density is relatively small in western countries is hard to imagine.So on the intercom system capacity is far less than we abroad.

    2, environmental requirements,

    Our country current development of village things can only a semifinished product, the vast majority of households have to be refurbished after buy, every household decorate will result a certain destruction to the system, and the village hotel cycle could last several years.In view of this situation, the domestic powerful company in the design of the system is to break resistance and anti-jamming in the first place.

    3, the compatibility of the system

    Due to the different requirements of habitant unit may have installed video, some require non-visual, now some requirements need not be connected to the Internet, but in the future to networking, and so on, these are puts forward high demands on the system compatibility.

    The development history of the communication

    The communication technology development has experienced four stages

    Though intelligent community construction in our country starts relatively late, but develop with each passing day.With the popularity of Internet, the Internet, many communities have realized the broadband access, the information superhighway has been laid to the village and into the family.Intelligent community system USES TCP/IP technology conditions.The operation of the intelligent community system based fieldbus is the village to the Internet, by the decentralized management, to the centralized management transformation.As illustrated the following building intercom system development stage: digital intercom is the inevitable trend of the communication!

    1, the communication between the first generation [single intercom (4 n)]

    The earliest landing-answer product features a single, only unit-talkback function, since the late 80 s of this century, domestic have already begun (4 n) single-family visible interphone and unit type of product.Only used in the system code, decoding circuit or RS - 485 for a single small area building communications, unable to realize large area network in the whole neighborhood.This kind of distributed control system, are incompatible, fragmented, unfavorable to the unity of the community management, system function relatively single.At that time, the market capacity, the smaller the intercom products have individual manufacturers in guangdong area, user is concentrated in guangdong.Visual intercom products mainly include South Korea, Taiwan, brand is given priority to with one-on-one, guangdong have sales in Shanghai.Insufficient in the domestic market demand for hundreds of families.

    1993-1997 is the first domestic market development, guangdong area appeared several professional manufacturers, such as shenzhen, gem Hester prynne, these manufacturers to start mass production, technology progress, also type unit building intercom and visible interphone user presents the momentum of sustained growth, focus on the real estate market start earlier guangdong, Shanghai and other economically developed cities.

    The communication between 2, the second generation single visual intercom (linear)

    As the demand of the domestic people gradually increase, the original without the requirement of networking and invisible cannot have satisfied, then entered the stage of networking.In the early 90 s products to Taiwan brand occupy more, wait like Ken Ricky.In mid and late 90 s, especially after 1998, network become the most basic request in the intelligent building.Therefore, community control network technology, widely by single chip microcomputer technology of field bus technology.Such as CAN, BACNET, LONWORKS and domestic AJB - BUS, WE - RS - 485 BUS, and some technical implementation of BUS and so on.Using these technologies can be put inside the village of decentralized system interconnection network, unified management, coordinated operation, so as to constitute a relatively large area system.The application of field bus technology in the area, make the intercom system took a big step forward.

    Building intercom products into the second period, large community networking and integrated intelligent building intercom equipment have begun to emerge.Since 2000, the provinces will be the demand of city building intercom products development is rapid, the corresponding manufacturer also increase quickly, form the pearl river delta and long triangle, two major manufacturers cluster;The pearl river delta in guangdong, fujian, guangdong to treasure of a main manufacturer, shenzhen, Ann hui sharp flux, crown Lin, fujian xiamen zhenwei, etc.;Yangtze river delta is given priority to with Shanghai, jiangsu, major manufacturers have MOX, manco (Shanghai), hangzhou, jiangsu heng bo building, etc.

    Demand from the market demand, the product has entered the platform area.Through a large number of applications, the traditional bus visual intercom also showed some limitations:

    The bad anti-jamming ability of mixer.Often appear sound or image is not clear the interference phenomenon

    In pieces limited transmission distance.Remote video amplifier may be increased, for the larger community networking is difficult, and high cost

    Mixer adopts bus system technology, the line is busy things much more special, because the same audio and video bus allows only two calls, cannot achieve family calls

    Single function, most of the products is limited to call, the lock, and other functions, equipment utilization rate is extremely low

    Due to technical limitations, product upgrades or difficult to extend the functionality

    Lack of industry standards, system integration is difficult, the product cannot be connected between different manufacturers, and visual intercom is hard and other weak current subsystems interconnection

    Could not use community integrated wiring, large amount of engineering installation, service cost is high, also is not well integrated into the integrated network community

    In 2000, launched a network video intercom system, control of digital signal using cable transmission, audio and video using coaxial cable transmission building intercom system, so need two sets of lines when wiring.Broke the traditional bus structure, the system for building intercom system transition to digital stage, provides the feasibility of the witness.So belong to 2.5.

    3, the communication between the third generation

    Versatile visual intercom (LAN)

    From 2001 to 2003, with the wider use of Internet and the rapid development of computer technology, great changes have taken place in people's work and life, the concept of digital, intelligent community has been accepted by more and more people, building intercom products to enter the third period, multi-function intercom equipment have begun to emerge, local area network (LAN) based on ARM and DSP technology technology to develop products to launch gradually, digital intercom has been a breakthrough technology development!Use network to transmit data, fuzzy the concept of distance, unlimited extension.Break through traditional concept, can provide network value-added services (such as visual telephone, also provide advertising, and other functions, and low cost).To integrate the security system to the equipment, improve equipment availability.Main advantages as follows:

    Mixer is suitable for complex, large-scale and very large scale residential area network requirements

    Mixer digital indoor machine realizes digital, voice, image transmission via a network cable, thus no longer need to cloth data bus lines to, audio and video.As long as the digital access indoor indoor machine words information point.

    Mixer can realize multichannel communication at the same time, and no phenomenon of the line is busy.

    Pieces for the industry of the high-grade market impact is very big, and can develop cross-industry

    Interface standard, specification standardization

    In pieces to form a network low cost, easy to upgrade and extension

    Use of the existing network, from engineering construction

    Mixer easy to maintain and upgrade products

    In fact, the traditional product manufacturers have noticed the demand of the market, through the efforts to meet the demand of the part of the, but with the continuous improvement of user requirements, the traditional vendors have felt powerless, have ended the original product line development, turning to digital solutions.According to the market investigation, at present there are a few domestic manufacturers of digital products launched a multi-functional series of products using LAN technology.And get a good response in the market.Verify and determine the network technology on the visible interphone, and the positive role in the intelligent community development and the inevitable trend.

    4, the communication between the fourth generation

    Free of visible interphone (the Internet)

    By 2005, wan digital visual intercom buildings have emerged across the country, and the system stability, operation is stable and reliable.Digital era really visible interphone!

    From 2004 to 2005, digital visual intercom product appeared on the market.Wan visual talk-back system is formed on the basis of the Internet wan, digital indoor machine as the two communities in the network terminal equipment

    .One is to use digital indoor machine realize community multilateral exchange visible interphone;

    2 it is through interconnection network with Ethernet or on the Internet anywhere in the visual communication between IP phone or PC.As the industry into a virtuous cycle, a new wideband digital industry chain is gradually clear, audio and video transmission and data transmission based on broadband digital products is to use broadband extends the basis of the new product, it includes both broadband network operators and broadband users post web portal, the future is characterized by interactive video of the downstream industry, such as broadband network, broadband and television content providers are also surfaced.The main direction of the development of the overall visual intercom product is digital, digital is the only way for the development of video intercom system.

    Building intercom management system

    The communication management center

    Management center's brief introduction:

    1, the way of MODEM design, using computer software management

    2, computer management, customer information maintenance, storage, query is very convenient;

    Unit 3, management center can monitor the door/host video wall, video, and other important places can also monitor area is equivalent to a digital hard disk video recorder (factory is four-way video, can pick up three analog cameras, can be extended to the 32 biggest road);

    4, visiting customer call record, image, sound can be stored in the management center, can want to see any time bring up the video;

    5, can be controlled by the building intercom management center public broadcasting system;

    6, have the function of information release

    Landing-answer maintenance

    1, building intercom system maintenance preparation

    Fix landing-answer with other appliances is different, must want to know some necessary knowledge.I think that must want to know has the following several aspects:

    The communication between A and the production of enterprise name, telephone number and installation time, installation companies;

    B, the building intercom system wiring diagram, manuals, maintenance records, if any, along with all the best also to find;

    The role of the two prerequisites: understanding landing-answer production enterprises, is in the case of all have no, consult a technician in production enterprise;Understand the installation company is in order to avoid unnecessary mistake will between peers, not a vicious competition or a man-made destruction, understand the installation time is a normal damage to evaluate problems;Understand the wiring diagram, manual and maintenance records, nature is to faster, better finished the repair work.

    2, maintenance tools

    Screwdriver, multimeter, tape or heat shrinkable tube, 2 meters long 10 core sheathed wire a, adjustable power supply a;

    3, building intercom routine problems

    Don't open the lock, can't hear, no image, can't talk, can't unlock password, credit card lock

    4, the order of the repairs

    Look, look line, and finally test the other function!

    5 and maintenance matters needing attention

    All take out stitches after operation, the power must be!

    6, building talkback host maintenance (i.e., the door machine)

    A, don't unlock:

    1, in addition to the key of any unlock method cannot unlock: please test lock on both ends of the line is connected and the first to test using the multimeter, electric lock in the end, when the lock, if there are more than 300 milliampere instantaneous electric current through the lock (yes, that the host and the lock line is normal, estimated electric lock is damaged, please replace the electric lock test; if not, then the multimeter test on the host unlock end, so from time to tome, lock line fault, did not specify host failure);

    1.1, the unit can't unlock, but can be password or credit card: estimation is the main damage caused by short circuit or a floor platform, first check the connection port of the main line, such as wiring is normal, the upward from the first layer of floor platform in order to detect floor platform (testing floor platform: cut off the upper trunk, test when layer, such as normal, no matter, if not normal, please try again to replace floor platform, until the test is normal (as new debugging), in accordance with the principle and so on);

    Second, can't hear:

    Any terminal is at work with the host, the host is heard: first to see if host horn line connected and the loudspeaker is rust and damaged, can find a similar size of arbitrary horn replacement test;

    Three, can't say:

    Any terminal is at work with the host, the host terminal talk hear: first to see if the host microphones line connected and the microphones are damaged due to other reasons, such as the opportunity, to find a 52 db microphones replacement test (general extension microphones and host general);

    Four, no video:

    Any visual terminal and the host are in a state of work, visual terminal is able to show before the host image: first check host camera to host control panel wiring is in good condition, details see again camera control panel to see if there is flooding is like (have flooded conditions, as a camera may have been damaged), at this point, conditional, and monitors to test, will monitor the receiving host video terminal, video normal explain the trunk line fault, not normal show host fault, the last of the camera directly connected to the monitor video signal, normal show host panel fault, not normal that camera malfunction;

    7, building intercom indoor extension of maintenance

    (any extension problem, first to see if the extension line connected, the power indicator is on, disconnect again extension lines, electricity try)

    Normal function of a, can't unlock: (other)

    Fault interval cannot unlock: first consider buttons (install 3 years mostly button failure), the extension and the host is in a state of work, but will unlock touch the short-circuit try unlock buttons, normal explain the lock button is normal;Abnormal estimates for extension control panel or RuHuXian fault, with maintenance with 10 core sheathed wire for test line, this extension access directly to the host terminal test, normal fault estimation is RuHuXian or floor platform, not normal, of course, is an extension control board fault;Finally still use this article 10 core test line access floor platform test, normal RuHuXian fault, not normal port to try again, change the floor platform in normal illustrate this floor platform after the port is damaged, is still not normal, to find the reason difficult;

    Second, no image:

    1, bright screen and image: please check the engine power, the power supply 18 v, whether there are black and white color 12 to 18 v.

    1.1, bright screen, but the image distortion is serious, jitter, unclear, partial black, partial fuzzy: please check the engine power, voltage and current is in accordance with the specification requirements;

    1.2, bright screen image: first check the video line extension, look to whether meet good line, whether there is a video signal;To replace a same model extension test;

    1.3, called image, according to the monitor when no image: most for monitoring key fault, replace the general can solve;

    Three, can't hear:

    Hear, other functional: estimated handle line no good or the receiver horn damage, first to a flexible cord, not try to change the handle, again not be extension control board fault;Can not say as follows, check the mi head!

    Four: extension not alarm: police protection zones linkage function extension of a not to the management center alarm!

    First detection alarm detector power supply is normal, the work is normal, the power supply using the multimeter, test, and work in replacement of the same type of alarm is normal;Detection alarm detector to the extension of the line again whether shun tong, whether good contact (wireless alarm detector step of this province), the last replacement of the same type of engine test;

    Note: general extension alarm transmission of data signals, part of the multimeter, have the function of the measured data such as the function of the multimeter, clear system which is the data line, also can use the multimeter to test first extension cable side, for there is no alarm data, we can according to the method of the test.

    Five, the special failure:

    1.4, any extension fault, the power is once again that, to solve the most deep for software or hardware failure caused by the crash like now, often happen such failures, maintenance advice to send back the production enterprises, so as not to bring trouble for a long time;

    1.5, occasionally not unlock, can't hear, no pictures, can't talk, but the number is more, has a special interval, estimates for the extension of software or hardware problems caused by the crash, please send back the production enterprise maintenance;Such software fault is reopened when the power is more disappears!

    Among 8, floors, platform and maintenance of the equipment

    Building intercom floor protector, floor decoder or video distribution amplifier, middle floor equipment generally referred to as the floor platform!

    (any floor platform, first check whether the line each wire connected and the power light is bright, disconnect the power supply line, once again electricity try) :

    Floor platform must be able to function: household isolation protection, video processing functions, specifically, is must have audio, video and data signals and power intelligent distribution and isolation protection;

    One cannot be used properly, an output end (other port normal)

    To other normal backcourt access cannot normal use of the test, normal that the output is normal (that is, the side lines or other equipment for this failure), does not mean that this output is normal fault;Can replace or repair the floor platform;General single output or a single set of output port is damaged, is a hardware failure caused more, have a electronic language can be on-site inspection, not back to the supplier, please repair.

    Second, the total output can't normal use:

    First consider the input is normal at this time, the use of measurement technology, can make the multimeter test, using the multimeter, test whether the input signal input;Will not use the multimeter, can have a extension test extension in the input access function, using the normal, shows that the input signal input, abnormal is input end line or on a floor platform output damage;Input is normal, but it can't work, it is recommended that back to supplier repair;

    Three, special failure:

    Occasionally unable to work, work, when the image is not stable, not free, open the lock, and so on and so forth, and ruled out the possibility the extension and RuHuXian, separate test floor platform, too, can consider to floor platform, hardware or software failure advice back to supplier repair;

    9, the power of the building intercom system maintenance

    The power of the building intercom system is one of very important corollary equipment!

    (generally divided into with the function of battery and without battery using two kinds of functions, considering a variety of reasons, in no special requirements, party a does not deserve the battery) :

    Key: the stability of the power supply voltage, foot, foot power, meet the needs of the system;

    Without electricity power supply output (fuse) first:

    Using the multimeter, measure for 220 v mains input power:

    Using the linear power supply transformer, to measure the presence of 220 v mains input transformer, again measured with and without the power to control board, if yes, explain panel is damaged, advice to send back the production enterprise maintenance;

    Use of switch power supply, maintenance more difficult, such as the measurement to the mains input, but no output, advice back to supplier repair;

    Use the power of the more than three years, it is suggested that as new.

    Smaller output current, output voltage lower:

    Such situation for the power components ageing, recommend replacing new power!


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