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Access one machine controller


product nam



ID Integration Access Control

一Product Features:
Operating voltage: DC12V
Unlock current: ≤1000mA
Quiescent Current: ≤60mA
Storage capacity: 800 Standard User
The maximum reading distance: 15-20 cm
RF Card Type: H4100 card
Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ (industrial grade)
Humidity: 10% ~ 90%
Size: 117 × 117 × 21mm

ICIntegration Access Control


ID access one machine

Operating voltage: DC 12V
Unlock current: ≤1A
Effective Card Capacity: 800 cards / 10000 card capacity (can be customized)
RF Card Type: EMID or Mifare compatible card
Dimensions: 52 * 20 * 47mm
The new backlit buttons
With access control, Wiegand reader
Offline encryption authorization, an alarm signal input and output functions
Supports proximity cards, passwords, password induction Calgary, duress alarm four kinds of password to open the door
Without connecting to a computer, you can perform all the functions of the offline settings
Direct external card reader, dual-sided card reader access function
No manual card, the software comes from the authorization


Metal fingerprint access control
Waterproof fingerprint access control

> Operating Voltage: DC 12V ± 10%
> Fingerprint storage capacity: 1000
> Fingerprint time: <1 second
> Fingerprint matching time: <1 second
> False acceptance rate: <0.0001%
> FRR: <0.1%
> Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
> Humidity: 20% -95%
> Sleep Current: ≤20mA
> Standby current: ≤80mA
> Relay contact load capacity: 1A
> Product Dimensions: Length 115mm × width 70mm × 33mm thick
Touch access one machine

Operating Voltage: DC 12V
Unlock current: ≤1.5A
Quiescent Current: ≤60 mA?
Effective Card Capacity:? 3000 cards / 10000 card capacity (can be customized)
RF Card Type: EMID or Mifare compatible card
Dimensions: 115mm * 60mm * 16mm
Color: black, white, yellow

Function characteristics: with the mother card Settings, can be an external wg26 card reader



working power supply


The lock relay


Ambient temperature

Work :0℃~45℃storage:-10℃~55℃

relative humidity

Work :40%~90%RH存储:20%~90%RH

Effective card



be in common use:1个;个人:1000个

Built-in card reader identify frequency induction card


Induction card recognition

ID: EM or its compatible CARDS

Read Range

ID type: 5-15 c

Electric lock interface

Relay output or output level is optional

Open the door button


doorbell interface


doorbell interface


Alarm interface

(level) a Weigand26 interface (some models products without this interface)

ID access controller

Machine dimensions


Product Color

steel gray


2.8 inch TFT high-definition blu-ray screen display

verification mode

Card, password/portfolio


Chinese (simplified and traditional) English

response time


response time

Password. ID card. The IC card

Card storage capacity


Maximum number of verification record


communication mode


Usb download/upload function


Records of the quer


Access control functio
Time, door control, support functions of anti-submarine warfar

Wiggins input

Support WG26/34

Verify the validity function


voice promp

High-definition human voice

operating humidit


working temperature


operating voltage


IC access controller

Beautiful design, backlit buttons, light color with silver-plated, with the flavor of the times and fashion.
Output has a protective function, waterproof, suitable for outdoor environments.
MFP can do WG26 reader independent use.
Storage capacity 2000 user cards, 2000 user password.
Three ways to open the door: card, password card and a password.
Backlit keyboard: the keyboard can operate at night
Independent password: You can use a password to open the door has nothing to do with the card
User Change Password: The user can modify the code to open the door on their own
Search speed: credit card to open the door in less than 0.1S
Wiegand output: with Wiegand output interface, can output Wg26 card number or Wg34 key number
Available keyboard delete card number: available after the card is lost keyboard to delete the card, complete elimination of security risks
Tamper alarm: Illegal disassemble built-in buzzer alarm sounds
There doorbell button and interface: buttons and circuit isolation, you can add any door
Dimensions: 120 * 56 * 18mm

Waterproof metal door machine
MMC Plus :MF

waterproofing grade:IP68

working voltage:DC12V±10% quiescent current:≤30mA
Read Range :2~5cm quiescent current:-35℃~60℃

environment humidity:10%~90%

Electric lock output:≤3A

signal transfer output:≤20A

Output short circuit protection:≤100μS

open time:0~99秒(tunableness

boundary dimension:120 *80*25mm


· Operating voltage: 8-35V DC
· Total power consumption: <3W
· Data retention:> 10 years (after power failure)
· Record capacity: 25,000 (expandable)
· Control Card: 2500 (expandable)
· Card Type: EM or Mifare compatible
· LCD Resolution: 122 x 32DOTS
· Built-in fonts: 16 x 16 national secondary Store
· Communication: 1 RS485
· Wiegand 26 Interface: 2-way
· Relay output: 2-way
· Status Input: 4
· Volume: 120mm * 88mm * 18mm
Weight: 160 grams
machine, widely applicable
· Set password keyboard, Han was the first time, single access control, time attendance, access control two functions in one.
· Provided with buttons or without buttons, computer white or champagne for customers to choose, is to meet the needs of various customers, highly cost-effective next-generation products.
Leading technology, stable and reliable
? All output Input port anti-static, anti-power surges;
Enhanced anti-jamming capability, anti-crash design;
· PCB board were moisture, corrosion treatment, able to adapt to a variety of harsh environments.
Dynamic definition, application flexibility
· A built-in card reader (EM or Mifare type), two groups W26 interface, two sets of sensor input, two sets of open button input, 2 relay outputs, a set of bell port and one set of communication interfaces.
· IO interface can be redefined. Such as: W26 interface can be defined as W26 standard output or input, the relay can be directed to access control, bell or alarm output, sensor can be defined as a fire signal.
British pun menu, easy to use
· Bilingual menu interface, with backlight, display the owner's name and job number.
· There is a public short message and personal short message function.
· You can set 16 reported trouble points, alarm support workday choice.
· With the clock correction parameters to ensure accurate real-time clock for a long time.
· Either networking (up to 255) can also be used offline, offline can be done through the keyboard device parameter settings.
Professional Access, powerful
· Control the number of doors: 2, standard Wiegand 26 interface, you can mount HID, Motorala other world famous reader.
Support for 3000 cardholders, while storing 25,000 credit card and alarm events.
· 32 time periods / 64 time groups / 16 application groups / 8 types of holidays / validity of the card / card password (6 digits).
· Hardware sneak off to do a two-tier defense (APB) and interlock (one can only have one door open).
· You can set a password to enter only, only card and card + password to access support coercion password and super password to enter.
? Any door remote control point, multiple alarm events features: the door opened out, the door shut overtime, intrusion alarm, duress alarm, anti-skid police, fire and so on.
J180 ID
(Access attendance)

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