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Aluminum Switch
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Aluminum Switch
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86×86 Stainless
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86×86 key switch
42×116 aluminium alloy
86*86 Plastic switch
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touch switch

Glass break detector/fragile switch
CP系列緊急開關無需電源即可使用,內部依型號有一組、二組或四組switch開關(N.O./N.C.),當外層玻璃被打破,或是壓板下壓時,內部的switch 開關就由 N.C. 接點切換至 N.O. 接點輸出。一組開關接電鎖,一組開關接保全系統。運用於安全門、逃生門等緊急狀況,一方面人員可以直接由通道緊急撤離,一方面也可以通知安全系統發生狀況。CP series emergency switch to use, need for power supply in accordance with the model has a set of internal, two or four group switch switch (N.O. / nikos charalambides), when the outer layer of glass is broken, or platen press, the internal switch switch by N.C. contact switch to N.O. contact output. A set of electric lock switch, a set of switch security system. Applied to exit, exit, such as an emergency, on the one hand, researchers can directly by the channel emergency evacuation, on the one hand can also inform the security system.

紅色 red
  • Red emergency switch is usually used in fire control facilities, in accordance with the law of demand, the color of the related parts must be marked to identify. But not all regions or the application of fire control facilities is required


  • Green is usually used in access control or general open button.
  • Yellow often used in gas, such as the leakage of the gas pressure gate switch.

white (colour)

  • 白色一般運用在電力系統的開關控制
    White is generally used in the switch control of power system.

CP系列緊急開關;當外層玻璃被打破,或是壓板下壓時,內部的switch開關就由 N.C. 接點切換至 N.O. 接點輸出。

s (擊破式)

Emergency switch series, inside the switch? Nikos charalambides contact switch to the switch? N.O.? Contact. In an emergency situation occurs, the outer layer of glass is broken, can be manually controlled electric lock or open the door. The key used to replace glass or reset.


  • Size: 87 x87x55 mm? 87 x93x55 mm (including cover) Max power on/off: 5 a vac / 125/250 Two groups of signal output
CP-31系列緊急開關,內部的switch 開關由 N.C. 接點切換至 N.O. 接點。在緊急狀況發生時,外層玻璃被打破後,可手動控制電鎖或開門裝置。鑰匙用於更換玻璃片或重新設定。

CP-32 series (回覆式)


綠色緊急出口開關CP-32:無需電源即可使用,內部的switch開關(N.O./N.C.),當外層玻璃被打破時,內部的switch開關就由N.C.接點切換至N.O.。控制電鎖或是啟動保全系統。外部有一防護蓋,防止誤觸 。

紅色緊急出口開關CP-32:無需電源即可使用,內部的switch開關(N.O./N.C.),當外層玻璃被打破時,內部的switch開關就由N.C.接點切換至N.O.。控制電鎖或是啟動保全系統。外部有一防護蓋,防止誤觸 。

白色緊急出口開關CP-32:無需電源即可使用,內部的switch開關(N.O./N.C.),當外層玻璃被打破時,內部的switch開關就由N.C.接點切換至N.O.。控制電鎖或是啟動保全系統。外部有一防護蓋,防止誤觸 。
黃色緊急出口開關CP-32:無需電源即可使用,內部的switch開關(N.O./N.C.),當外層玻璃被打破時,內部的switch開關就由N.C.接點切換至N.O.。控制電鎖或是啟動保全系統。外部有一防護蓋,防止誤觸 。


Controller Specifications
Operating voltage: 12 ~ 24 VDC
Current consumption:
Operating current: 50mA / 12 VDC, Standby current: 20mA / 12 VDC
Operating current: 70mA / 24 VDC, Standby current: 40mA / 24 VDC?
Output contacts (Com, N.O., N.C.) dry contact
Maximum Power: 3A / 12 VDC
Beep indicator: When the voltage drops below 9.2 VDC to police Ming
LED indicator: green light for power light, red light for receiving the output signal lights
Relay operating time: 1,3,5,10 seconds
Up to store the number of remote control: 15

Size: 83 (L) * 62 (W) * 30 (D) mm
Remote Control Specifications
Power: 12 V (battery)
Mining 433KHz frequency transmitter (transmitter module)
Red LED indicator light for the launch, by the brightness of the LED can determine the amount of 12V battery capacity.
Antenna transmission range up to about 50 to 60 meters
Hopping Code IC automatic codec
The maximum signal sent thirteen thousand times
Transmitter remote control batteries may not be less than 7V

Exit button imported PC fire retardant materials and silver alloy contacts
The surface is smooth, with a luminous indication, feel good
Stretch lasting, stable force
Size: 86 × 86mm, suitable for 86 bottom box installation
Under normal use, the use life of up to 12 years

Dimensions: Length 86x 86x wide-thick 20 (mm)
Standard Structure: Stainless steel panel and buttons
Electrical Performance: Maximum durability current 3A @ 36VDC
Contact output: NC \ COM contacts
Durability test: one hundred thousand times aging test pass
Application type: for hollow frames and buried electrical box using
Temperature: -10 ~ + 55 ℃ (14-131F)
Color options: white, blue (luminous)
Applicable humidity: 0 ~ 95% (relative humidity)
Panel Finish: polished stainless steel


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