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Electric Dropbolt locks are commonly used locks which are compatible with virtually any access control system and are available in fail- safe and fail- secure configurations.

Double Action Doors?
Electric dropbolts are specially designed for use on double action doors. They can also be installed on both out and in-swinging doors.
Suitable for Frameless Doors?
Electric dropbolts can be assembled with a wide selection of mounting brackets for use in a variety of doors. In particular, the U-bracket is suitable for an electric dropbolt to mount on a frameless glass door.

Vandal Resistant Circuitry?
The vandal resistant circuitry means the door position sensor can't be fooled into projecting the electric dropbolt unless the door is actually closed. The reed sensor automatically disconnects after the bolt is projected to enhance security of the lock.

Auto-Detective Circuitry?
The unique intelligent logic circuit in GEM's electric dropbolts keeps the bolt retracted whilst the door is unlocked until the door is properly closed. This feature ensures the bolt will not extend if the door is improperly aligned.

Energy Saving Design?
When the bolt is extended to keep the door locked, it draws only 0.3A in a holding mode down from 0.9A while the bolt is retracted. This design both conserves the power and extends the life of the electric dropbolt.

Relock Time Delay?
The door locking time delay is the time between the door being closed and the bolt engaging . This can be set up to 9 seconds, at 3 second intervals by adjusting the jumpers.

Horizontal or vertical installation?
GEM's electric dropbolts can be installed either horizontally at the top or bottom of the door frame or vertically on the side of the door frame.

Adjustable Sensor
The door position sensor can work up to a range of 5mm. If there is a wide door gap, a sensor magnet within the strike plate of the door can be adjusted to improve sensor accuracy.


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