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2 line delay electric bolt lock
Name: Narrow electric locks/Low latency/electric bolt lock

1, the parameter
Security Type: Power automatically unlock
Lock Size: 205mmL × 35mmH × 40mmD (LWH)
Short board size: 90mmL × 25mmH × 2mmD (LWH)
Cylinder Dimensions: 16mm diameter protruding length x16mm
Operating voltage: 12VDC 10% range
Starting current: 900mA (instant start)
Operating Current: 100mA (fully locked)
Signal Output: Lock status signal output NC, COM, NO contacts
Cylinder strength: polished stainless steel to withstand 800kg pressure
Optional: Wooden door, glass doors, metal doors, fire doors
Surface temperature: cold
Magnetic induction distance: 8mm
Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 25 ℃ (14 ~ 131F)
Humidity: 0 to 90% relative humidity
Durable Design: Professional magnetic material design, durability 500,000
Panel design: high-strength aluminum alloy, broken grain processing professionals
Durable Design: Professional magnetic material design, durability 500,000
Material Design: high-strength aluminum alloy, broken grain processing professionals
2, the advantages
Photoelectric control technology to prevent mechanical failure
Ultra-low temperature design, safer and more durable
Ultra-low-power design, more durable and more environmentally friendly
500,000 Power locks durability
Built-in reverse current prevention device (MOV)
Intelligent single-chip configuration, three current applications
High-strength aluminum alloy lock body, stainless steel bolt
Applicable to all types of locks installed
Ultra-low temperature type photoelectric control power locks feature ultra-low temperature
A: instantaneous low-current converter;
B: Door-bit errors, doors withstand bolt, power locks will start scouting low-power, low-temperature conversion;
C: optoelectronic technology to reduce mechanical failure

Installation of the following
Frameless door open way to 180 °
Wooden door installation  
Trendy glass door    
Aluminum door clip


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