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Key Electric Bolt Lock

Name: Rugged Intelligent Electric Lock (off adjustable) Electric bolt lock

Function & Features

Operating voltage: DC 12V.
Normal current: 0mA; unlock the starting current: 880mA; prolonged unlocked Current: 250mA.
Power on or power transmission opening can be adjusted.
Adjusted for the transmission of electric lock suitable for safe preservation of open spaces, set to open when power is suitable for public places.
Embedded door open or closed state detection output contact (500mA: NC / NO).
Especially suitable for 180 ° opening door.
When adjusted for the power transmission has a long open unlocked state functions.
With built-in mechanical locking core auxiliary unlocking device, a power outage or emergency situation when adjusted for the power transmission by mechanical lock core opening do
Unlocking action.
Containing optically coupled input button to open the door contacts, such as not to open the door within five seconds will be automatically locked.
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 90 ℃ Humidity 85% Rh max.
Dimensions: Body: 200mm (length) x 25mm (W) x 34mm (D)
Heart lock cover version: 90mm (length) x 23mm (W) x 2mm (thick)
Lock Heart Size: 16mm (protruding length) x 13mm (diameter)
Weight: 750G


Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
In the non-human factors of product quality issues, the Company magnetometer lock products are provided 1 year
Quality assurance services, and electric power plug lock locking warranty period of one year; go switch, bracket and power supply box warranty
For one year, causing damage under other conditions, product maintenance costs of materials and other expenses ego.
Installation of the following
Frameless door open way to 180 °
Wooden door installation  
Trendy glass door    
Aluminum door clip


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